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About Us

Dean’s Drainage is a long established Christchurch family business, with both a family and community ethos.

As certified drainlayers we are at the forefront of the protection of the community and the environment, because if foul or waste water is disposed of incorrectly it poses a risk to the community.

Dean has a strong vision and view of where Dean’s Drainage positions itself in the market.

We are the market leaders and believe in transparency.

Dean’s crew of Drainlayers

  • Work to New Zealand’s common standards such as NZS 3500-2 and the building code acceptable solutions.
  • Adhere to legislation covering the work as set out in the Plumber’s / Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 1976
  • Are registered with the plumbers / gasfitters and drainlayers board / with the supervising certified drainlayer as Dean Wilke and Hugh Wilke.
  • Have a qualified drainlayer onsite all the time.
  • Keep all professional certifications up to date and current.
  • All work undertaken complies with health and safety requirements.

Dean’s choice of products

Because of the unique environment Christchurch drainlayers operate in, Dean’s Drainage take a conservative approach to choosing products: At Deans Drainage we:


  • Avoid products that are cheap imports or inferior quality.
  • Only use products of the highest quality from leading suppliers Edward Gibbons, Hynds and Oasis Clearwater.
  • Use products that are known to be reliable and conform to New Zealand Standards, whilst considering the tectonic forces or pressures that are part of the Canterbury landscape.

What each drainlaying ticket means

Certifying drainlayer

This is the highest qualification available. These people are responsible for ensuring both their own work, and the work of anyone they supervise, is done competently.

Registered drainlayer

These people are qualified and licensed but must be supervised by a certifying person who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the work is done competently.

Limited certificate trainee drainlayer

These are people working towards becoming qualified. They can do the work but a certifying person must ensure it is done competently.